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Given that Samehada is not the most likely to advertise other people's affairs over the journals, I'm noting his reactions to the dreams he receives in Revolving Reveries here, just for reference.

MARCH 2010

3/3 Alexi - This one started out extremely confusing for him, being completely beyond his sphere of reference and the musical intruments not ones he recognised. But it was kind of cool, all the same - and he quite liked the music, truth be told. Standing at the top of a tree pinged him like whoah, mind you, as did the whole axe-wielding and leaping down in a single bound. He has the distinct impression that he has/should be able to do that. He recognised Blood, of course, and he has taken the time to figure out whose dream it was from scanning backwards in the journals.
3/9 Trigger - SWORDS. LOTS OF SWORDS. AND FIGHTING. This dream was full of pings - for his own fight with the Four Tails, for the sensations of pressure and pain from an unknown force which reminded him of his own dream, and for the awareness that he was CREATING things out of apparently nothing, just his own will and life-force. He also knows that this dream belongs to Itamae-san because those swords were very reflective (permission to recognise Trigger given by mun), so he's now even more intrigued by him than he was before.
3/18 Blood - He doesn't know this was Blood's dream as he can't see her in it, but it pinged him like mad for his own childhood desire to wield Samehada. The blood didn't bother him in the least, and that has only confirmed his suspicion that he was some kind of warrior in the past.
3/21 Sight - Hur de hur. Another unidentifiable dream but it had hot chicks and sex in it so he doesn't mind. Whoever you are, he approves of your taste in women. The village at the beginning seemed vaguely familiar and he'll be puzzling over that for a long time. There was an odd ping there in the accusation of betrayal - not sad, especially - mostly bitter and angry.
3/30 Castor - Okay Castor, now he gets it. Well kinda. He's still not a hundred-per-cent sure how guns work but the dream filled quite a few blanks on that score. He still thinks you're kinda dumb for killing yourself just because you thought you'd done that in a dream though. There's also a strong ping there for pills, the reaction to them, and the very last words spoken.
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