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Dec. 12th, 2020 06:55 pm
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Fics about or related to Kisame that I have found and bookmarked. There are various reasons that I like them, although the subject matter, genre, world and scenario varies equaliy wildly. Please note the ratings and warnings.

In the Water by [ profile] uni_mara - PG. Itachi recalls Shisui telling the legend of Isonade and the children of the sea to his younger cousins. Not directly about Kisame but I found it a while after I had settled on the half-demon headcanon for him. This is in that vein and I like it a lot.

Don't be Afraid also by [ profile] uni_mara - PG-13. Kisame finds out about his new partner's powers the hard way, and Itachi learns something in return. Not really headcanon but I like the dynamic a lot.

First Shave by [ profile] messypeaches  - R. Found afterwards but scarily close to my own headcanon on the specific event that made Kisame the wielder of Samehada. Warning for violence.

Going South also by [ profile] messypeaches - NC17. Kisame breaks up a fight in a bar and the girl he "saves" has an interesting suggestion for payment. Warnings for sex and violence.

Goodbyes by petgirlsweet on FFNet - K. A conversation between partners the night before Itachi's death. This could almost be my headcanon and I love it to bits.

End in Sight by LutraShinobi on FFNet - T. A short examination of Kisame and Itachi's relationship towards the end. Again, not really headcanon but Kisame's responses to events work for me.

Following by SnowKitten on FFNet - T. A short, quirky, post-death reunion for Itachi and Kisame. It makes me smile.

Uneasy Coexistence by DeGlace on FFNet - T (unfinished). Kisame/Sakura. Yes, you read that right, but that's not why I like it. It's funny, well-observed and is a fun take on Kisame that pleases me greatly. I just wish it had been finished.

December by [ profile] crimsoncourt  - R (unfinished, but could be regarded as having a natural end all the same). Way AU story set in the modern world in which Kisame happens to be a psychiatrist among an ensemble cast of characters who are each the essence of their namesakes in the Naruverse. Beautifully written and evocative, I warn you that once you start reading you will get lost in their world until the very last paragraph.


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