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[Rain on stone and packed earth, insistent and heavy - the kind that drives straight down from the sky and bounces back up as if it strives to reach the clouds again. It's almost deafening, the sound of it - echoing against rock - and for a while there is nothing to interrupt its erratic rhythm. Then there's the scrape of shoe on stone and a voice that is almost drowned by the intensity of the downpour - Samehada's - his tone conversational despite the underlying air of disgust.]

"It hasn't let up one bit. It's odd for it to be raining so much here, especially at this time of year."

[More movement - another clatter of feet on stone and the splash of a puddle that is greeted by a gruff sound of surprise from the speaker.]

"We shouldn't stay out here for too long."

[The voice is louder this time - loud enough to carry over the rain that is somehow quieter now, though joined by the unmistakeable spatter of water on cloth. And the tone has changed too. Now it carries an edge of something more - the undercurrent of a threat - of a circling danger that swims beneath the calm surface of the words.]

"Look, I don't know what you're thinking, and given how ruthless you are it's strange to say this... but from here it looks like you're crying.

"It's certainly a shame about your little brother. Now you're the sole member of the [a sudden burst of static that obscures the word] -a Clan."

[A quiet shift that sounds like cloth on cloth. But the sentence is barely ended when another voice responds . Cold and quiet - completely lacking emotion - it cuts through the rain effortlessly. Those who knew him in the Sphere will recognise it as belonging to Crow.]

"No. He's not dead yet. And besides...."

[In the pause, the clamour of the rain lessens, breaking up into the more distinguishable sounds of individual drops hitting the earth and splashing into the gathered pools of its own making.]


[Silence again, though it's a silence filled with unspoken words and punctuated by the drip-drip-drip of water.]

"...The storm... has passed."

[ooc: memory is from Naruto manga issue 364, pages 2-4]


Jan. 28th, 2010 05:22 pm
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[ooc: The handwriting is quite large and appears slowly; unadorned by any personal flairs or flourishes. The overall effect is of a someone who has a good, if basic, education, but is unpracticed in expressing themselves in writing.]

The name's Samehada. Yeah, I'm new.

[Slight pause and there's a false start and a little scribbling out before the next. The last three words are underlined once.]

Where can I get a sword around here?

...A big one.


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